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Question Could a Snake Eat a Gecko?

I was doing some research on different species living in the same enclosure (I thought it was interesting) but I couldn't find much about it, so I want some other opinions.
This situation is purely hypothetical, as I know that these two animals don't live in the same regions in real life. Would a snake (perhaps a BP, GTP, or something else that only eats rodents) feel inclined to eat a lizard (perhaps a leo, or another gecko without webbed feet) in any situation? Or would the snake not notice, because a leopard gecko is cold-blooded and would not be sensed as food due to the snake's heat pits? Would the situation be different depending on the snake: a ball python (typically a surface-dwelling animal), or a green tree python (typically an animal that lives up high on tree branches)? Would it matter whether or not the snake is full (and an opportunistic hunter), hungry, or starving and desperate?
What I'm basically asking is if there are any situations in which a rodent-eating snake would eat another reptile.
Thank you in advance!
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