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Re: Feeding regimen for all constrictors!! A MUST read and would love some input+disc

I don't understand what's so complicated about feeding these critters. It ain't rocket science people and arguing about something so subjective is a waste of time. Find a regiment that works for you and your snakes and stick with that. Obviously these animals can go a long time without food so starving them is pretty hard to do. I do agree that a lot of animals in captivity are overfed but there's plenty of middle ground. Most snakes that are fed every 1-3 weeks will be just fine. That applies to hatchlings and adults. I don't go for the 4-6 week feeding intervals but that's just me. Younger snakes use most of their food intake for growth. Juveniles and adults don't need quite as much food so it makes sense to slow down their feedings a bit as they mature. I think we sometimes make things harder than they have to be and take some of the fun out of it. I enjoy all my animals and I feed them whenever I want. I even give them snacks between some of their meals. Most of my snakes eat every 2-3 weeks now that they're adults but I fed them all pretty liberally (every 5-10 days) for the first year or two. That's what works for me and my small collection. Someone else may do things totally differently and that's fine too. To each their own. Live and let live.
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