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Re: VBB not eating.

I can't help a lot since I just got my 0.1 VBB a few months ago, but it has been hit or miss on the feeding since I got it, and most times I just leave the prey behind and it picks it up after I've left the room.

A few things you don't mention are: actual temps, age or sex of snake, how often the actual schedule of feeding was, etc.

On the opposite end of the scale, my 1.0 Taiwanese Beauty is a voracious feeder...all of the time.

Originally Posted by Klinger View Post
This seems to be a regular discussion point, but I've never seen behavior like this before so maybe some reassurance is all i need to hear.

My VBB used to eat on a regular basis for the past 3.5 years, and lately rarely eats at all. Two weeks ago it took two weaned rats, but that was after a whole month of not eating. This has gone on since December, A month of no food followed by a meal. I've upped temps slightly, and nothing has changed.

My next step is a total tank cleaning, to remove any odors that could be a problem.

The biggest fear is that it is stressing because it's housing is too small, but I can't finish the new home for him until May due to climate and finances.

Should I be concerned, or is it just a snake being a snake? I really appreciate any comments.
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