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Re: Feeding Adult BPs

I dislike using simple terms like "medium" for describing prey size. Reason being each place has it's own definition of what constitutes a certain size. Recently I've been seeing rodent ads for "small mediums" and "large mediums". So it definitely can vary.

Also it's possible he has a large ball python. Many years ago there were large imports of females from the "volta" area in Africa. (I believe it was Volta but could be wrong on the name). This is was due to the fact the animals grew to larger sizes and thus would give more eggs. Essentially people found a locale ball python like in other species of snakes. These females would grow to be 4,000+ grams with ease on the same diet as other ball pythons. So for a snake this size, if it's not obese then a medium rat (In and around 150 grams) would be fine.

My females get a rat in the 150 gram range once a week. Mine are also breeders. I'll do something in a few days as it's feeding day tonight and I won't be taking pictures at this time. I'll take a picture of one of my females who hasn't laid this year, didn't lay last year and her size on this feeding regime for you.
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