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Re: My Boa Feeding Regimens - TL;DR Warning

So I went ahead and measured the 3 growing boas.

Nymeria was 43". Her last measurement was last January at 37", so that's half a foot in a couple months over a year. Not bad, considering the time she fell behind in feeding. The year before that saw 11" of growth with normal feeding.

Crona came out at 35". His last measurement was Nov 2016 at 26.5" or so, which is 8.5" of growth. Again, not bad, considering Nymeria grew only 6" with a month less of growth time, and being male I wouldn't necessarily expect the same 11" of growth, though it seems if he did have those 4 months of steady feeding he may have reached that same growth.

Tirel came out at 50". Her last measurement was also last November, and she was 45" at the time. That's only 5" of growth, but she went a few months longer without food vs the other 2.

I'm hoping with the gentle increase in feedings, they'll somewhat make up that lost growth over the following year. I'll probably continue in this way for another 2-3 months before feeding them normally again.

When I feed Crona (should be tomorrow), I can post his visual portion with feeding pics included.
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