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Re: Carpet python won't eat

Badisa, when I first got my snake, I intended to wash my hands before and after each time I handled him. In practice, while I absolutely wash my hands after handling any of my reptiles I just never think to wash my hands before putting my hands into their enclosures. Since I'm constantly petting my dogs and cats, , my hands would almost assuredly smell of cats & dogs each time I reach into a reptile cage. It has never been a problem.

I don't think the smell of the cats & dogs are a problem at all. My pet problem has been that our cats are fascinated by the snakes & now the gecko. It seems to me that having a predator with nose pressed to the glass wall or sitting on top of the cage would almost certainly inhibit normal behavior. Have had to change the setup several times to keep them away from, and especially off the top of, the snake cages. (The cats are the primary reason I'm moving to plastic cages with solid tops.) Ultimately, we managed to arrange things so that my cats don't come in contact with the cage but can still get up on a piece of furniture a few feet away with an adequate view of the front panel of the cage. This arrangement was still a concern for me. My kingsnake, though, seems fine having cats sitting a few feet away & staring, staring, staring... Other snakes might not be okay with this.
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