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Re: Carpet python won't eat

bestblondeboy did raise a good issue that I have been curious about: having other pets in the home. I too have a cat and a dog, and they jump up to get a closer look when the snake is out of her hide (the viv is high enough so neither pet is visible from within the viv).
Would the snake strike my hand if there were any scent on it from the cat or dog? Or would it see (and over time recognize) that it's not food, and not be guided only by smell?
Luckily for me, I'm not dealing with a feed issue, so I don't think there's any stress because of the cat and dog, but I did wonder about their scent when I do reach in.
And look, I'm sure the best advice will be "just wash your hands beforehand every time you are going into the viv" but I hope that with me and the kids handling the snake outside of her viv from time to time, I would hope that the scent of the pets, which would be impossible to remove from the entire home, would be something the snake would just become accustomed to, much like they would with our own scent.
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