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Re: PLz Help!!! PLease help me identify me newborn I just got from LLL!Suriname I hop

BB, again... unless you know it was caught in Suriname, the best you can say is that it has Suriname/Boa constrictor characteristics. If you look at the maps, Guyana and Suriname are only separated by a line on the map. Who's to say that a boa that was reported to be Suriname wasn't sneaking over the border and got caught in Guyana? Now it's a Guyanese boa... see what I'm getting at? Post some better pics and that may help. From what I can gather on a saddle count in the second set of pics would suggest Bcc, but even saddle counts/scale counts are not always 100% accurate. Check out some of the big Bcc breeders online and several of them have good info. Sorry I can't be more specific.
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