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Re: PLz Help!!! PLease help me identify me newborn I just got from LLL!Suriname I hop

Originally Posted by BallBuster7653 View Post
Can anyone identify exactly what kind of boa it is? Is it Suriname?
Like ws said before, without papers and lineage, nobody can. there is enough variance in coloring that it could have traits of other species and be "pure". But at some point something in its lineage was wild caught and that may not have been "pure". I buy snakes that I find beautiful and interesting because I dont want a piece of paperwork for a pet, I want a snake I like. You are hung up on it being a pure suriname...but why? what trait does the pure have that you are seeking? if the snake has it, then you are happy. If it doesn't, then you are not. Unless you are trying to breed and want to guarantee lineage. In which case, you need papers anyway.

Nobody can guarantee adult size by looking at a juvenile either. Way too many factors, and not all of them are genetic. You can just go by averages and see how yours turns out.

And by the way, your snake is very nice looking. I would just not worry about its purity, raise it and see what happens.
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