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Re: PLz Help!!! PLease help me identify me newborn I just got from LLL!Suriname I hop

Unless you know (really know) the breeder you are getting your animal from, and can establish a pedigree, you can't really say 100% anything. Even then, lines can only be traced back so far. If LLL said it's a wild caught Suriname, it probably is... could there me something else in the mix? Sure- possibly. it's kind of a crap-shoot. If you could post better pics of saddles and head it may help. I have two Cypress Creek line Guyana RTBs. The female is very chocolate in her base color and her tail is very crimson. The male is a much lighter brown base color with much brighter tail. And, 28" sounds a bit generous for a two month old animal...even with power feeding.
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