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Re: Need help from someone who knows about hogsnakes

Hi sorry about not getting back with yíall when it rains it pours Iíve been dealing with baby goat issues outside, our does seem to be like having quadruplets😮and thatís causing issues. I have not been inside or online Lately. Her enclosure is actually pretty big itís almost 4Ď x 2Ď thatís the sheís been in this enclosure ever since I got her. I know some people say they donít like large enclosures but I thought since she had several hides it would be fine her temperatures currently are ranging from 73 on the coldest part To probably about 95 in the hottest area and thereís lots of in between temperatures so I figure she can just kind of go where sheís comfortable I would send you guys a picture but Iím actually not sure how to send pictures on forums Iíve never done it before. I tried to feed her again the other day and she would not eat it Iím fixing to try again today
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