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Re: PLz Help!!! PLease help me identify me newborn I just got from LLL!Suriname I hop

I cant help much with the ID, sorry.

as for the enclosure, I like to have enough length for the snake to fully stretch out along one side if it wants to. I think the old rule of thumb is for the length and width to be at least as long as the snake's total length. So if the floor of your tank is 30x12 then it would be OK until the snake is 30-42" long. I don't think a clear hide is much of a hide. It is still pretty visible. You can find some pretty inexpensive things to use that are not clear. I used some plastic bowls I found at a local department store. Cost around $3. I also have a few of the plastic plant pots that I trimmed down. Some people use dog water bowls. Just flip them upside down and cut a half circle notch in it for the snake to enter. and be sure the edges arent sharp so the snake doesnt cut or rub itself raw.
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