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Quick question for BRB breeders/experienced keepers

Hello. I was wondering if any BRB breeders or experienced keepers that regularly weigh their neonates could tell me what their snakes have weighed in at around 7-8 months? My 2017 BRB neonates are doing great. They are about 7 1/2 months old now and I weighed them most recently last week. One was 115 grams and one 120 grams. They have been fed an appropriately- sized f/t thawed mouse (initially large fuzzies and now hoppers) an average of every 7 days.

I'm just curious if this is an average weight for this age? Any input from those who have kept BRBs longer than I have is appreciated. I document everything but haven't kept this species long enough to know what is considered an average weight at specific ages.

I'll share some pics once I figure out how to resize my images. LOL.

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