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New baby Suriname coming tomorrow!!! They only had males;( no females...comparison?

Hey everyone,
So I ordered a Suriname BCC from my baby BOY is coming tomorrow morning. Hes a new born. I wanted a female but they decide to call me today and let me know they only have a male left. Reason I wanted a female is because I want a large snake but to grow slowly unlike what I have had in the past such as retics and burms.

nyway what IM getting at is.... I really wanted an 8-10ft boa weighing over 50 pounds. How large does a male get? Do they atv least get 7 ft...mostly how much do they weigh? For exaample.....5 years from birth whta will a male weigh and measure? 10 years? How long does it take before they are fully grown. Im not a novice by any means but I do not have personal experience with Suriname. Sorry for the typing my keyboard is extremely tiny lol. I am just hoping a male will get just as robust, heavy and lengthy as a female, maybe a little less. I would really love to see pics of adult males and adult females.

My name is mike im glad to be a part of this forum. I also would like to hear some others on here feeding schedules, how much how often kind of thing.

Thanks so much

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