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Need help from someone who knows about hogsnakes

Hi Iím having a major problem with my hognose snake. I really donít know whatís wrong with her and Iím happy to answer any questions about my husbandry to find out what is wrong,I seem to be making some sort of mistake. Iím pretty sure everybodyís going to tell me to just take her to the vet, but the nearest vet is two hours away and thatís really not an option for me right now moneywise anyway.. Iím just hoping there is someone on here that knows a lot about hognose snakes and can maybe give me an idea of what is going on. Ok Basically I got her when she was 10 months old this is her second winter with me. Last winter she stopped eating and would not eat anything for three months so after some research,I figured she was just in brumation, although It worried me a little bit because she would come out frequently and act hungry, but I never could get her to eat I tried everything that I could think of. Anyway,fast forward to this winter she has been eating more frequently maybe once every week or two So I havenít been as worried, actually, this is kind of bad, but Iíve been pretty busy so Iíd probably have not looked at her as much as I should I just kinda threw a mouse in, and she seemed OK she didnít seem that skinny,maybe a little bit, but I figured it was just the winter, she would put weight back on when she got to eating more when it warmed up. ( she seemed pretty healthy when I got her but sheís never been as big of an eater as I would like,some people recommend feeding hognoses a couple times a week Iíve never been able to get her to take food more often been about every five days sometimes longer and the breeder was feeding her once a week) well she was out against the glass about a week ago and thatís my Cue that she wants something to eat so I defrosted a mouse for her and noticed she really was looking pretty skinny so I thought you know Iím going to try to feed her more often and coax her to eat more frequently to fatten her up. I also picked her up,I hadnít picked her up in a while just trying to kind of leave her alone ( except for meal times)since itís been kind of cold and Iíve been busy. Well I was Shocked at how light she felt sheís definitely lost a lot of weight so I fed her again and left her alone to digest about for five days later she was out so I defrosted a mouse and put it in her cage she would not eat it, I left it in there for a little bit andShe never would eat it so I took it out and threw it. A couple days later( yesterday )She was out so I tried again,with a fresh mouth this time, that I just killed. I picked her up and was studying her and I noticed she has a slight, I guess, lump after the vent in her tail now when I think a lump near the tail I think of impaction but she has definitely been pooping and this lump is after her vent not before itís not very big, but it is noticeable, so I just wondered if anyone had any ideas whatís going on there? she still acting pretty normal but thereís definitely something off. Anyway she wouldnít eat the fresh mouse, so I Debrained it and got one of my daughters frogs (which Iím sure the frog appreciated) and rubbed the mouse on his back I then gave it back to the snake and she did decide to eat it. Now this mouse was one of my breeders that I have had, so it was a little bit bigger than the ones I normally feed her, but I still wouldnít think that it would be too big for her, but I donít know maybe it was, because today she regurgitated it (I fed it to her yesterday)Anyway Iím not 100% sure what caused that? Is it because sheís sick? or is it because the mouse was too big? if anyone has any ideas on what I can do to help her, I would really appreciate it. Iíve read time and again most of what goes wrong with snakes is in their husbandry and I feel bad that Iíve made some mistakes somewhere and have caused this, but I really donít know how to fix them if I donít know what Iím doing wrong. And if someone thinks itís parasites or something I can try to figure out how to worm her or something but I just didnít know if anyone had any ideas about anything?Iím sure Iíll get 10 different opinions but anyway, Ask any questions you need to and thanks for reading this. sorry about the long question
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