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Switching new young BP to f/t

I recently picked up a new baby ball python (around 5mos. old) from a local reptile expo. I spoke with the breeder, and he is currently eating live small mice. I am hoping to get him switched over to f/t, the sooner the better (took me 5 months to switch my KSB ). I have had him for less than a week, so I know that it is best to give them time to acclimate. I do not plan on handling him until he has his first meal.

I wanted to know if I should try with a f/t mouse off the bat? Or should I do his first few feeds with live since that is what he is accustomed to? I know that it can vary greatly depending on the snake. I just don't want to let him continue on live for too long because I know the more meals they have the harder it can be to switch them. If anyone has any suggestions about switching I will gladly accept them!
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