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Re: help to identify

Originally Posted by kazz View Post
As far as I know variegata it's other species and real variegata costs more than harrisoni but looking the same so harrisoni pushed variegata away from markets.
They are one in the same. The name changed in 2006 from variegata to harrisoni, along with the common name (from Irian Jaya Carpet python to Papuan Carpet Python) and that's why you don't see variegata around anymore...because it is old terminology. If there is a price difference, there's no valid reason for it other than someone trying to gain a few dollars. I am confident that there is heavy harrisoni influence in there, but like the others noted there's no way to know purity of your snake and it very well could be a cross. As far as colouration, harrisoni hatchlings tend to have a lot more reddish and brownish colours than cheynei.
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