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Re: help to identify

With all the morphs and crosses the waters have become very muddied in terms of what's pure and what's not. Your carpet appears to have a strong Harrisoni influence but without accurate lineage information it's difficult to say with certainty exactly which Morelia ssp you have. A lot of breeders will provide detailed lineage records for their carpets. Without these records it should be considered an undocumented carpet python or a carpet python of unknown lineage. For example, here's the lineage chart for my JCP. He's from the 2015 WL clutch.

Inland Reptile - 2015 Pedigrees
0.1 Albino Bull Snake (She-RA)~ 1.0 Snow Bull Snake (Apollo)~ 1.0 Coastal Carpet Python (Chomper)~ 1.0 JCP (Shredder)~ 1.0 Bredl Python (S'ven)~ 0.1 JJ x JCP (Trinity)~ 0.1 Albino Carpet Python (Akasha)~ 1.0 Olive Python (Nigel)~1.0 Scrub Python (Klauss)~ 1.0 BCI (Monty)~ 0.1 BCO (Xena)
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