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Re: Opinion on this rule of thumb for the size of a snake enclosure?

The sizing sounds great.. But I can tell you from personal experience having a very deep enclosure is only a good idea, if you really have the room to move around in it (mostly) upright, or if you're willing to put up with a lot of inconveniences. I volunteer at a zoo where we have a few crappy sized enclosures (As in crappy to clean, they're actually amazing and spacious for the inhabitants). It's is quite a pain always having to remove an animal just to safely clean. Especially if it's a heavy one with attitude. Telescope handles can't handle heavy snakes that far away, they Will break/bend. You'll have to drag it out of your way while getting pretty up close, but without being able to grab and lift it properly it will likely wriggle away and obviously proceed to move whatever direction is least convenient for you at that time, because its a snake haha. Also if they get annoyed, you got nowhere to go quickly. For safety reasons we just pair up, one keeps the animal away while the other cleans.. But still you're both crawling through the moist bedding, nasty... so we wear plastic overals over our clothing. Long handle tools work sort of for small cleanings, but not for the larger messes (Which giants will always have, often multiple days in a row) they either bend too much and spill easily, or they are really heavy and hard to use. If the animal is in a clean area we sometimes just trap it under a laundry basket to save time if possible. But yeah the designer didn't think about cleaning on those enclosures.. Luckily there's only 3 of them and the rest is much easier.

A deviding enclosure is a nice idea in theory, but you still have to drag the animal up close and personal through a dirty enclosure while someone else puts it in. Because NO WAY the animal will just stay where you put it and allow you time to get out and slide it in yourself;.., I've use devider enclosures, they're much more of a hassle than you'd think in the first place. Bedding gets stuck in between, the animal could get stuck in between, the opening is drafty, also the mess will sometimes be on the slider... A see through board (plexiglass) with a handle was my favourite tool dealing with aggressive giants or venomous snakes during cleaning.

I prefer to keep my enclosures +/- 90cm deep max unless I can sort of stand in it, any deeper and I feel like I have to crawl inside for everything. It's a bit personal as not everyone is the same size or as flexible as another offcourse.

Had some neat enclosures in my old house, my favourites ones were 2 very long enclosures (3,5m+) which were also 160cm deep and only 110 tall each if I remember correctly (2 stacked on top of each other).. BUT.. I had them on top of a frame with heavy wheels under it, and they had hatches on the backside. All I had to do was unlock the wheels, pull it forward and open whatever hatch the mess was close to.. Perfect range!! Just gotta watch where the animal is before opening the hatch haha (peepholes recommended). Also got to figure out your wiring in a way that you wont mess it up when pulling them forward.
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