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Re: Owning large pythons alone.

Shauna0522, No BRB are not lumped in with potentially dangerous constrictors. In fact, I don't believe that my BRBs constrict as strongly as my adult Honduran Milk Snakes. That said, I would ALWAYS exercise caution. I never wrap my snakes around my neck, mainly because if they are feeling a bit grumpy, I'm not interested in getting bitten on the face. You should be just fine. As far as owning any of the giants like Burmese Pythons, Anacondas, Rock Pythons and even large Red Tails can pose a threat if not handled properly. I would never attempt to handle any constrictor over eight feet long without someone there just in case. The really giant snakes are incredibly strong and pose very serious danger if one is not careful. Just my humble opinion. Good luck with your BRB.
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