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Re: Opinion on this rule of thumb for the size of a snake enclosure?

Originally Posted by Tyzuris View Post
I would buy cleaning apparatus with a telescope handle in order to reach the entire two meters of the width of the enclosure. And I would install a divider slot into the enclosure for cleaning it. So I would move the snake to the other side of the enclosure, then slide a divider panel to the divider slot and push it all the way back to the wall when I clean out the other half of the enclosure then do the repeat for the other half.
Sounds good in theory, but believe me it wonít work in praxis. To work with a tool this long you would need about the same room behind you, otherwise you would bump into the wall behind you. Balancing the amounts of feces a large snake can and will produce will result in scattering most of it all over the place. There will an obstacle like branches, hiding box, water bowl etc. in your way whenever you try to reach the back end of your enclosure.

The divider is a nice touch, but most likely your snake wonít cooperate, it will of course be at the dirty side and will stay there, especially if you are in a hurry. And of course the points IDvsEGO raised, donít underestimate the weight of an enclosure of this size.
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