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Re: Opinion on this rule of thumb for the size of a snake enclosure?

Originally Posted by Roman View Post
How do you want to reach the back of your enclosure if it is 200 cm deep (wide)? Especially if there is another enclosure of the same size on top where you would probably have to step on a small ladder to reach in. I have a large enclosure for my Spilotes pullatus which is 250 x 90 x 190 cm (ca 8 x 3 x 6 ft), and even a three feed deep enclosure can be difficult to do maintenance in.
I would buy cleaning apparatus with a telescope handle in order to reach the entire two meters of the width of the enclosure. And I would install a divider slot into the enclosure for cleaning it. So I would move the snake to the other side of the enclosure, then slide a divider panel to the divider slot and push it all the way back to the wall when I clean out the other half of the enclosure then do the repeat for the other half.
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