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Re: Opinion on this rule of thumb for the size of a snake enclosure?

The size of your proposed enclosure sounds great, a large Burmese python would certainly appreciate the room to move in. I donít want to talk you out of it, but you have to consider several issues with an enclosure of that size.

We are talking about a room sized enclosure, letís call it a room. In order to clean it you have to walk into the enclosure / room, so donít reduce the height to 150 cm / 5 ft, use the full height of the room you build it in so you can stand in it.

If you enter the enclosure, you will come near your snake(s), not only with a hand or some tools but with your full body and avoiding a bite might proof more difficult that way. I have no experience with large pythons, someone like Tsubaki is much better suited to tell you this, but I saw several large Burmese pythons which were really nasty. I donít doubt that there are calm snakes out there as well, it will come down to the individual snake, but you have to plan for the worst case and need somebody at home whenever you work with a large snake.

Have you considered the amount of energy you will need to light and heat so much room? Especially during a Finish winter?
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