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Re: Want to build adult bioactive vivarium for brb

Originally Posted by Jim Smith View Post
I highly recommend RHP with a good thermostat for your enclosure. It will heat your enclosure evenly and are much safer than most heating systems. I also recommend ProProducts heat panels (here's a link to their website) Pro Products – Specialized Habitat Control Products They will discuss your needs based on the enclosure size, reptile intended to he housed etc., and custom make the RHP for your enclosure. It takes about 15 minutes to install an RHP with four small bolts to the ceiling of your enclosure. You might also want to consider using HDPE for your enclosure. Super easy to work and you can use regular woodworking tools. Completely waterproof and MUCH lighter than plywood, especially 3/4 birch plywood. If you want a wood look to the front of your enclosure, you can easily add 3/8" wood flooring pieces in whichever wood/finish you want. You can get the wood flooring anywhere, even on Craig's list for cheap. Just some thoughts...
Any places local to us in GA that sell the HDPE?
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