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Is this a Mexican Black Kingsnake???

Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum and a relatively novice snake enthusiast. Last month I bought a baby "Mexican Black King Snake" at a reptile show. I've been wanting one for years and there was only a single breeder who had 3 babies left. So rather than waiting for CB18's, I was willing to overpay a bit ($175.00/126) for a CB17.

Out of the 3, I chose the baby with the most white scales on her underbelly and some white specs on her chin. There was a slightly larger one with very few if any white specs, which most folks probably would have taken, but I liked her personality the best.

So after taking her home, I give her some time to settle into her new enclosure and begin the taming process by handling her. After holding her close to bright light and taking pictures, I notice that her skin seems to be more of a dark chocolate with black bands rather than solid black in color. I did not notice this banding at the reptile show or in normal lighting, only the white on her under side and chin.

She's a pretty sweet snake, but the coloration that I see is making me question whether she is truly a Mexican Black Kingsnake and not a morph of some sort. Her coloration is really depends on the lighting. Is this banding pattern normal for a Mexican Black Kingsnake baby? Will her white specs and bands disappear as she ages? Will she eventually turn black?

I will attach some pictures for you guys to weigh in. Keep in mind, she'll be shedding soon.
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