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Want to build adult bioactive vivarium for brb

So I plan on building a bioactive 4ftx2ft8inx3ft pur-bond birch plywood enclosure lined with aquarium epoxy so it will be completely waterproof, (I'm not sure if I should use half inch or three quarter inch thick) with sliding glass doors for my BRB. I am going to build fake rock walls with 2 or 3 caves for her to hide in. It will have fake vines for her to climb on along with lots real plants, hopefully a small tree for her if I can find one and possibly a waterfall but I'm not sure, it will at least have a very large water bowl/pond with a drain on the bottom of each end of the enclosure for easy cleaning and I'm going to try to make a waterfall fogger. My question is what should I use for heat there won't be a uth as the substrate will be 8-9 inches deep. Should I use an RHP and if so do they come in different wattages. Or will I need ceramic heat bulbs as well. I know I will need UV lights for the plants so will the combination of the lights and RHP creat enough heat for the whole enclosure and a hot spot?
All advice will be very helpful and appreciated thank you
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