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Re: Enclosure from what lay in a garage

I'm not sure how that place is ventilated.
what about convection ?
having a warm hide and a cool hide is probably a better approach.
I used to have 2 hides. She never used cool hide.

My Ball python stays in the hide a lot but at sometimes at night I see him roaming from one to the other and even on top of them.
the is no problem at night.
she explore her enclosure fine.

I will also offer one general bit of personal advice in regards to internet forums/groups. If you aren't open to ideas, suggestions, and criticisms, don't post asking for feedback. It wont go well. If you are 100% happy with your enclosure then just use it. If you are 100% happy and confident, the only purpose of posting a thread like this is to brag.
My enclosure is made from trash so how it can be a brag ?
I read advises and decide which I am going do.

What is the ambient temperature in the cage?
It's winter so it's 23-24C
Sorry my English Feel free to correct my mistakes.
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