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They ideal ratio is 2 : 1 in favor of Calcium...

Now, I know a little about nutrition, but not nearly as much as some of these smart people here.

People that are vegetarians have to make sure they match their beans etc in order to get complete protein into their system (for humans, a complete protein is one that contains all 23 amino acids). The only complete protein is the flesh of another mammal, so people that don't eat meat need to mix and match incomplete proteins so they aren't amino acid deficient.

The point of that paragraph is that this is probably a wise idea for an iguana diet, or any other herbivore, unless they are grazers like cows, whose guts contain bacteria to break down cellulose (plant material cell walls).

If any of that is wrong, someone correct me, it's been a long time since I took biochem or any of those courses...(gosh, next year it'll have been 10 years!)
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