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Re: House Snake On the Lam

Yeah, I've looked at the threads and have tried all of the tricks I can muster but thought I'd cast my net out anyway in case someone had anything else up their sleeve.

I'm really hoping she will go back to the nice warm cage on the floor. I cut and wedged a pool noodle under the door so that if she's not already out of the room she'll be stuck in there. That pool noodle will stay there for good in case we have any other future escapees.

I'm worried for her and for her precious cargo. She's expecting soon... it's certainly not the time to go AWOL!

One thing she has going for her if she encounters a dog or cat is that she's mean as hell. Her willingness to repeatedly strike may startle a would-be predator into letting her go. She lets me have it with both barrels if I'm not careful.
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