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Re: KSB feeding and shedding questions

I am so glad u posted this question. I am a new mommy to a 3mo old male sand boa whom I named Beetlejuice. I have tried 2 live pinkies for him and even tried freeze/thaw method. The 2nd was smaller incase that was his reason for not eating. Like u stated, mine is also very active. Moves around alot. I finally got the temp correct for him to where he hangs out on both sides now instead of just on his heat side. Tonite he was hangin out above his substrate. And very inquisitive. So I thawed his pinky and put him in anothet container with it. He has no interest whatsoever. Im going to leave him in overnite with it to see if he eventually eats it. I welcome all advice and knowledge about him. I have done so much research but I still feel like I have alot to learn. He is a great snake and i love watching him move in his tank and around on my hand. I just wish he would eat. This coming Saturday i will have had him for 3wks without eating.
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