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Re: Paludarium

I suppose you mean Amazon tree boas (Corallus hortulanus)? For an adult your paludarium would be to small, especially it wouldn’t be high enough, since these snakes are extremely arboreal snakes.

I am not sure about the lizard. Do you mean Mountain Horned Dragon (Acanthosaura capra)?? If so, the same as for the boa, the paludarium would be to small.

I think for a corn snake a paludarium is to wet, they don’t need a large water pool, but would need the same floor space you can provide as dry area.

For garter snakes they might very well be interested in your toads.

Sorry for the bad news, but I think the combination frogs/toads and snakes or large lizards doesn’t work (for the toads) in almost all combinations.

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