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Re: prey size and weight

Originally Posted by bigsnakegirl785 View Post
Yes, but heat does not destroy mercury. So just because we can eat small amounts of tuna, doesn't necessarily mean a snake can eat tuna without becoming ill, for example. This is an example of why I say not to feed a snake a fish just because you can eat it. I'm also not sure how nutritionally viable cooked fish is for snakes, or if certain cooking methods are better than others.

If she's 160 grams, 10-15% of her weight is likely ok. I assume this is a carpet python? 20% would probably be my max, I don't even like to feed my retics meals much bigger than that. Not as a regular prey size, anyways.
As a general rule, outside of perhaps some monitor species, (they like hard boiled eggs) reptiles (almost all animals) should never be fed cooked anything. No snake in the wild has ever eaten cooked food (perhaps some have eaten heated road kill on the road) but overall its not an ideal food period.
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