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Re: hide box = socialization vs safety

Originally Posted by kazz View Post
jjhill001, every 5-6 days 30% of her weight. But after this thread I think may be to low prey to 20% weight.
I can't specifically speak to carpet pythons as I've never kept that species. Due to my experience with snakes I've always been more of a feel guy in terms of prey size.

The problem with some of these feeding tables is that they are designed by breeders. They want to get snakes up to size so they can breed faster and maximize money. Now in my opinion there is nothing wrong with this as long as they don't go overboard. However it is completely unnecessary for the average keeper. I feed my rat snakes one medium sized mouse every 2 weeks. If you aren't breeding your snakes some of these schedules can result in fat snakes that look a bit ridiculous compared to snakes that have a natural slender (not starving or skinny) body line.

The rule I've gone by is the prey has to be about the same size as the middle of the snake. As I've been educated by some ball python keepers this can result in WAY too big of food for some of the heavier bodied snakes out there. Something that I as a colubrid keeper didn't really consider too much.

However, carpets are one of the more slender python species so I imagine that smaller prey than you would think, less often than probably commonly recommended would work just fine.
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