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Re: prey size and weight

Originally Posted by kazz View Post
it depend on snake. Carpets can eat food up to 5 times bigger their heads. But if it's a corn he couldn't. I thought all pythons can manage much bigger prey.

It's very interesting how weight of prey affect to growing of snake.
that is very interesting experiment to have two carpets and giving one snake 10% prey and 30% to others.

For example all ppl say don't feed carpets fish. But when I was feed my carpet fish she was shedding every 2-3 weeks. And it's much faster than on mice. It means fast growing. Too bad I couldn't feed other carpet 30% mice and compare. I don't call anyone feed snakes fish.
Just because they can, doesn't mean they should. There are more calories in a prey 5x a carpet's girth than they would ever need on a regular basis in captivity. I wouldn't feed a meal like that anymore often than every few months, and I'm not sure how viable meals of that size are as a regular food size. I wouldn't feed it every meal at least.

Best case scenario, a varied diet is best. But with the current constraints of our society and my own brain, I find it best to mainly feed smaller meals less often to all my snakes with only the occasional larger prey. Maybe a couple times a year, depending on how often I'm feeding that snake.

Fish - so long as it's thiaminase-free - could be a good variety in a snake's diet, if fish makes up a decent portion of their natural diet. Fish high in thiaminase can seriously harm or kill snakes, so those fish should be avoided.
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