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Re: carpet python afraid to come out

It takes time, if she isn't trying to kill you be happy and wait it out. If she isn't trying to kill you now then you got a good one just wait out her shyness.
She afraid me but if I put her on my neck she can lay there a couple of hours. I got a bite from her only once when I was force feeding her with rat. Now she eats quails so no need to bite me. )))
Don't pick her up every time she comes out or she won't.
I pick up her once a week.
use a soft frosted light
I do. I can remember she was coming out but now she don't. Her enclosure has 1 glass side and I have cover part that close to her hide. So she had no light there. That's where she come out when light's on. She even look out from this glass cover and come back to darkness.
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