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Re: Late Holiday Purchase...

I'll do the spraying this morning after the lights come up. I've been meaning to get a couple of the wash bottles with the long tubes, like Al (Viperkeeper) uses for his snakes. Looks like I'll have to order one or two today.

The snake spent most of yesterday sitting on the 2qt bowl of sphagnum moss I put in its tub to keep the humidity up and it does have a bowl of water sitting right next to the sphagnum. Before that, it was in the hot hide--well, the only hide--probably warming up after its long trip from Florida.

And yes, it is in shed, so I don't know how much of those damaged areas will be repaired. I'm out of Neosporin, at least any that hasn't already expired, so I'll get some today and be ready to apply after the shed.

And as far as it being wild caught, that's a question the seller will have to answer. He said he had it at least six months so I'll wager that it probably was, but I'll send him an e-mail after I post this. It was a bit cold when I got the snake out of the box--it was wrapped tightly around a ball of newspaper--even though there was a warmer pack in the Styrofoam box, but that was outside the bag the snake was in. Anyway, the snake was rather docile at first, climbing up my arm and shoulder, but after I put it in the tub, it went to the corner by the water and then puffed up its neck and started that "lazy", slow, blue tongue flick that to me said, "hands off bud!" Needless to say, I heeded the warning.

Originally Posted by Roman View Post
Sorry about that, it just … annoys me if somebody inserts himself into a discussion with something you can only charitably call "half knowledge"…

But back on topic. Do you know if the snake is WC? This might explain the skin damage.

When you are back at home, please spray some hand warm water directly on the snake and if it starts to drink keep on spraying as long as it is drinking, don’t worry if the enclosure gets a little wet, my snakes spend days in their drinking bowl, so it should not really matter if it gets a little wet.

Gonyosomas are not used to drink out of water bowls, my snakes are CB and even they didn’t use their water bowl once during the first 6 month in their enclosure, so your snake might be at least thirsty or even more likely in the first stage of dehydration but it will not drink from the water bowl, it will only drink fresh water droplets "raining" on it (which makes sense when most stagnant water you might find anywhere in the tropics carries very likely a high load of bacteria and any number of other parasites).

From the look of your pictures it might be in shed, the green is very pale so it seems that the lymph fluid is still between the old and the new skin, so drinking might be even more important right now.

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