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Re: My 4 Reptile Tanks

Thank you! The flora are all fake/artificial.

I wouldn't call your money wasted if the décor you use for the temp cages gets used in the new ones you're building. That said, I definitely understand it could be difficult to cohesively plan aesthetics for the temp cages without being finished with the cages everything will eventually end up in.

As far as the level in the gecko tank, that was something I saw many years ago in a bearded dragon enclosure to help them get closer to their basking spot. It definitely makes for a nice tree house vibe and makes great use of dead air space in the tank while simultaneously giving the gecko something to crawl both on and under. I truthfully don't know how much she uses it, but it was cheap to construct and looks neat. Just be careful, depending on if you have a top or front entry tank, that you're able to easily get it in/out of the tank. I have a shelf directly above the tank in that photo which makes for removal of that level a bit precarious since I have to rotate it instead of being able to lift it out vertically.
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