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Re: rescuing a big tank, advice needed

Originally Posted by CameraSkunk View Post
I'd say that looks great to be honest. The only concern I would have is the shards of broken glass that might be stuck in some of the old silicone. I used to work with glass a lot and broken glass has a tendency to find ways to return even when you think you got it all.
Yeah, I was concerned about that too. I started by scoring all the seems deeply so that they wouldn't hold so tight when I removed the glass. Then I scraped all the old out and eventually after a few passes I ran my fingers on the surface where the seems were. Top and side were east to see. Bottom took some work but if my dainty desk jockey skin couldn't find anything I think I am good. I also used a shop across to vacuum and t a few times and wiped with a damp rag to pick up little shards. Glass is a sneaky little bugger for sure.

I transferred the boa to it today. I will snap some pics later but I decided to put more coroplast over the warm side and used the hinged glass on the other. It's a little tough to reach the very back but the coroplast can be removed if she is being a brat and hiding back there. My fastening is ugly right now while I test out the setup.
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