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Re: Late Holiday Purchase...

Originally Posted by Scubadiver59 View Post
Hey guys, take the conversation offline and quit hijacking this thread w/petty squabbles!

Sorry about that, it just Ö annoys me if somebody inserts himself into a discussion with something you can only charitably call "half knowledge"Ö

But back on topic. Do you know if the snake is WC? This might explain the skin damage.

When you are back at home, please spray some hand warm water directly on the snake and if it starts to drink keep on spraying as long as it is drinking, donít worry if the enclosure gets a little wet, my snakes spend days in their drinking bowl, so it should not really matter if it gets a little wet.

Gonyosomas are not used to drink out of water bowls, my snakes are CB and even they didnít use their water bowl once during the first 6 month in their enclosure, so your snake might be at least thirsty or even more likely in the first stage of dehydration but it will not drink from the water bowl, it will only drink fresh water droplets "raining" on it (which makes sense when most stagnant water you might find anywhere in the tropics carries very likely a high load of bacteria and any number of other parasites).

From the look of your pictures it might be in shed, the green is very pale so it seems that the lymph fluid is still between the old and the new skin, so drinking might be even more important right now.

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