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Re: Late Holiday Purchase...

Originally Posted by kazz View Post
one side glass rule is definitely work for green pythons. There is a video about it from Discovery Snake channel on youtube.

oh it's great you look my threads and try to insult me.
I understand bc I was insulting you above (wasn't)
Oh and we all know that everything on youtube is always the absolute truth - or isnít it . I donít know about green tree pythons, but a friend of mine kept emerald tree boas in a three sided glass enclosure.

I think you misunderstood me, I didnít want to insult you (I would use another kind of language to do this), it is called "sarcasm". I still think it is rather funny if you try to consult somebody about his enclosure if you are struggling with your very first setup yourself. If you read my posts in this thread you would have noticed that I keep my trio of Gonyosoma since 2013, so I would probably already have noticed if my snakes were nervous.

As for reading your posts, if somebody disagrees on something I wrote and I havenít discussed with him/her before, I read some posts of him/her to get a feeling about the knowledge level of this user, so I can evaluate the reasoning and the relevance of his information. I donít follow you in particular.

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