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Re: Late Holiday Purchase...

Originally Posted by kazz View Post
As far as I know snake don't like 4 side from glass. 1 side glass makes them feel much more secure.
Thank you very much. I will tell them immediately that they should go hiding in their cork tub instead of resting in their favorite branches. I am sure they just didnít know that they should feel insecure because they have unrestricted panorama view instead of a restricted perspective. The view from a treetop of a 30 m (100 ft) tree in Borneo is so restricted by other trees, the snakes would be confused or even frightened by the sight into my living room.

I always enjoy advice by new keepers who have their carpet python for less than 6 month, feed it fish and are wondering why a small, young snake stays in hiding most of the time. Itís so refreshing to get a new insight after keeping snakes for more than 30 years (and this particular species for more than 20 years Ė most of the time in this very enclosure).

For your continuing education, a full glass enclosure could be a problem if you have either a really young snake (which is very likely afraid of pretty much everything) reacting skittish, a snake new in this environment or probably in an environment with lots of movement all around the enclosure (like in a public place), so you can try to calm your snake by restricting the view on several sides of the enclosure until it acclimatized enough to stay calm. I keep my current trio in this enclosure since 2013 and they will watch me as calmly as I watch them, so I can assure you that for them this panoramic view is not a problem.

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