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Possible disease?

Iíve recently had two abnormal snake deaths that were weird in that they seemingly displayed the same symptoms and took place at different times in the same enclosure. About a year ago I had a snake in one of my exoterra enclosures that had a crooked jaw( on arrival I think) and eventually stopped eating, didnít respond to force feeding, seemed to have trouble carrying itself around and unfortunately died. I put the enclosure in my basement and forgot about it until I took it out a few months ago to move a ribbon snake that I wanted to put in a larger enclosure. I had this snake in the terrarium for around 4 months before it developed a crooked jaw, stopped eating, lost mobility and died in about a week. I did clean the enclosure before putting in the new snake but not to the point where some sort of disease could not have survived. Are these symptoms indicative of a disease of just a coincidence?
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