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Re: feeling guilty about feeding

I rarely feed live due to safety for my snake and convenience for me. Being raised in small town USA and living outside of a city, I've always understood real world when it comes to survival for man or beast. I can watch a fox eat chickens and not cringe. Watch a Red Tail Hawk snatch a squirrel from a tree branch and marvel at it's skill navigating danger to reach it's meal. Do I enjoy it? No. Do I despise it? No. Does it bother me? No. I have butchered deer, cattle, hogs, etc. It is called life. To paint anyone as sadistic for feeding live prey then have to be told to rephrase your statement is pretty sad. But hey, it is your opinion and I can live with that. I'm a bible thumping Midwest Christian and to forgive is my middle name. Give me a 20 ounce steak medium rare and I could care less how it got killed getting to me. And furthermore I know I don't have to worry how much Vitamin B1 it contains. Pass the steak sauce please.
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