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Re: feeling guilty about feeding

Originally Posted by kazz View Post
nope. those fish was frozen.

Nature it's when live rodent has a chance to not be eaten.

Sadistics don't tell you they enjoys roden't suffering bc of morality.
Sadistics are a very small minority of people in the reptile community, and I advise you to not call all people who feed live animals sadistic, that is way too far. And yes, in nature a live rodent has the chance to not be eaten, but this is not nature. If someone were to pick up a pet snake, and forbid, the snake does not eat f/t, then they must feed live, and it is their responsibility to do so. Most keepers who feed live maybe started out feeding live, but were then able to switch to f/t after a short while. Keep in mind some snakes will only take live, and as painful as it is to watch, you have a responsibility to your new pet. How do you think meat is prepared for humans? Probably not humanely. Does that make everyone who eat meat sadistic, absolutely not.
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