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Re: feeling guilty about feeding

Originally Posted by kazz View Post
I think all ppl who feed alive snimals are sadistic. They just enjoy when someone is suffer.

btw I have bought unhatched quails 3.7kg for 3.7$
Don't you feed live fish to your carpet? Telling someone they are sadistic for offering live food items is not only, judgmental, but cruel and repugnant. Do you not eat meat? Are you a vegetarian? Snakes prey on living rodents, that is the nature of life. I do not believe most of anyone enjoys the pain and suffering of the rodent, but when snakes do not eat frozen thawed, then it is the owner's responsibility to provide their pet with what it needs. You can judge someone for feeding live prey, that is your right, but, when you accuse all people who feed live prey of being sadistic, that is where I take offense. I take this as an insult, and even though I do not feed live, I understand with those that have no choice. Clearly though you don't care.
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