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Re: feeling guilty about feeding

I remember back before I had a regular access to FT animals I had to kill them myself (as humanely as possible). That's why if you pick up an old care book you'll see recommendations to feed pre-killed or frozen thawed rodents. Nowadays you just see frozen rodents recommended because they are available pretty much anywhere.

It's not an easy thing to kill an animal, particularly an animal that can be considered by some to be a pet (I personally like mice/rats more than hamsters).

It is certainly understandable to have trepidation about it. I recommend going to petsmart or somewhere that sells frozen thawed mice and just open up one of the boxes and look at a dead mouse. If that's something you can deal with then you should have no problem. It also helps that you see it in a little food box in a freezer.

That said, it's important to remember that these animals are bred for this specific purpose. They are killed as humanely as possible and as long as you have a snake that's already eating frozen thawed rodents you shouldn't ever need to offer live options.
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