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Re: My 4 Reptile Tanks

Thanks for the kind words everyone. My leo's was the first enclosure I did, and once I realized what an extra few bucks and some craft time could do to that tank, everything else kind of snowballed afterwards.

The only think that irks me is removing the light and heat fixtures to access the inside of the enclosures. I've considered buying/building a rack system with sliding acrylic door entry, but I don't see the monetary trade off just yet to save myself a couple seconds of inconvenience.

Originally Posted by Jim Smith View Post
Very pretty enclosures! I suspect that you will be needing a larger enclosure for your BRB in the not-too-distant future. They're great eaters and grow pretty quickly. The good news is that they seem to get better looking with every shed.
Indeed! I only plan on keeping the BRB in that enclosure for a year or so. I just purchased a 125 gal. reptile tank + stand off craigslist for a price I couldn't pass up, so I gotta deal with storing that in the meantime, but that will definitely serve as a proper home for the duration of that snake's adult life. Once the BRB upsizes I'll use that 20 gal. for the sand boa once she is grown.
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