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Re: hide box = socialization vs safety

We need to keep in mind that animals can get used to situations to the point of not being afraid or feeling insecure. For example a animal sees a person and automatically flees the area to get away from a potential predator or threat. However, after seeing that person over a period of time, and seeing that they do not represent any danger, they stop fleeing the area. I live in an area where there are an over-abundance of deer. Normally deer will leave an area when they see people. These deer are so used to people and automobiles, that they just stop and look at you when you walk by and then resume eating. The same will happen with many reptiles. A snake will start to associate the person with food and come to the front of the enclosure. A turtle gets used to seeing me go by in my kayak and he stops plopping into the water when I get near him. All that said, it is still appropriate to offer hides to snakes so that they have a place to rest and feel secure if they need it. As much as we all like to see our snakes out and about in their enclosures, their husbandry needs MUST come first, period.
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