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Re: feeling guilty about feeding

Originally Posted by kazz View Post
StevenL, nobody catch mice or rats at house to feed snakes. So it's just not comparable about rats as home pets and rats who destroy a house.
Well Kazz I do respect your opinion but a rat is a rat. But with your analogy then it should be no problem allowing a "pet" rat or mouse having free range in your house uncaged. Since it is a pet, I'm sure it will not chew holes through the walls nor will it disturb any food in the pantry. I bet it will even let it's self out at night to go pee.

A snake has to eat and that should be thought of long before entertaining the idea of owning a snake. Then to get a snake and put yourself through emotional stress because you are feeding it rats and mice I just don't understand. They do have pets that require no food and no care, they are called pet rocks.
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