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My 4 Reptile Tanks

Below are my current reptile enclosures. I have a bit of a guilty conscience letting such long-lived animals stay confined to an drab or lackluster enclosure. I like going the extra mile to really ensure my reptiles are in a stimulating and naturalistic environment while simultaneously providing me with greater viewing pleasure.

All of these tanks are equipped with a UTH heater controlled by a dimmer and probe thermostat with day/night functionality. There are linoleum tiles positioned directly over the UTH within each tank to ensure the heat is more evenly spread out and dissipated instead of the reptile laying directly on the heated glass. Additionally, I have CHE's (ceramic heat emitters) above each tank hooked up to a day/night timer with a probe to ensure better ambient air temperature gradients throughout the day. Lastly, I have a hood light fixture on each tank with low wattage day and night bulbs to provide a more cyclic light cycle found in nature, and I use dimmers on the night bulbs to really make sure the night light is minimal.

Since all of these tanks have screen lids, I've done a couple things to help retain heat and/or humidity depending on each reptile's needs. I've cut and taped a sheet of tinfoil along the inside of the screen lids to help reduce air convection (i.e. hot air rising) out of the tank, and I've cut thin sheets of fluorescent light covers to help retain a humidity barrier.

All of these tanks have a thermometer/hydrometer combo adhered to each end of the enclosures so I can monitor temperature gradients, and I use a infrared heat gun for frequent spot checks.

The plants are all fake and really add a nice touch to help these habitats looking au natural.

Any feedback or comments are always appreciated.
If you have any further questions about how I set up certain things, please feel free to ask.

Without further ado....

Here is my 10 gal. setup for my Kenyan Sand Boa:

Here is my 55 gal. for my Corn Snake:

Here's my 20 gal. for my baby Brazilian Rainbow Boa which I'll be getting in a few weeks:

And here's my 20 gal. for my Leopard Gecko:

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